Electrolysis was discovered in 1875 and to this day remains the only method that is "tried and true".  

There are other methods to rid the skin of hair, but not one can match the superiority of electrolysis. Laser (Light Amplification Stimulated Emission Radiation), provides hair reduction and in some cases, may even stimulate hair growth.  Please read this article: "Hypertrichosis after laser epilation"

Tweezing, waxing and threading are temporary and can cause dense and coarse hair growth, ingrown hairs and skin discoloration.   

Electrolysis provides a customized treatment for every individual.  After all, you are unique, why not insist on the only unique method of permanent hair removal? 
Several reasons for hair growth:
  • Heredity
  • Normal physiological changes such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause
  • Malfunction of the Endocrine System   (i.e. Thyroid, Ovaries, Adrenal) 
  • Side effect of medication
  • Stress
  • Other growth factors may include previous temporary methods of hair removal such as     tweezing, waxing or threading

Q.  How does it work?

Q.  Does hair grow in cycles?
The human body has a pre-determined number of follicles at birth. 
Growing from each follicle is a fine, gentle hair known as Vellus hair. 
As we age and go through various physiological changes, those 
Vellus hairs turn dark and coarse and are then referred to as 
Terminal hairs. Both types of hair grow to a certain stage and then 
become dormant. A dormant hair, if not manually removed,is then replaced by the growth of a new hair.  

Q.  How long before results are seen?
The benefit of utilizing electrolysis for permanent hair removal is that you have control over what you want!                                 

Q.  What will be the comfort  level during treatment?
Comfort levels fluctuate with each individual.  Since certain areas of the body are more 
sensitive to treatment than others, the sensations associated with electrolysis will vary. 
Topical anesthetics, such as LMX4 are available for people who  prefer their skin      
desensitized during treatment.

Q.  Is a consultation provided?
Telephone consultations are complimentary.  A secondary consultation is provided before your first treatment where a brief medical history is taken and the procedure is explained in further detail. Any remaining questions will happily be answered.  Please note that there is a 15 minute minimum treatment session.

Q.  Are sanitation & sterilization  procedures followed?
The American Electrology Association with the assistance of the Centers for Disease Control developed national Infection Control Standards which include stringent sanitation and sterilization procedures.
These Standards are of the utmost importance and are strictly adhered to at PHR Center For Electrolysis, Inc. To further the client’s trust and confidence, all sterilization equipment is tested by SPS Medical Services, Inc. and the reports are kept on our premises.
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Some people prefer their skin with light Vellus hair while other people desire completely bare skin. Advanced computerized technology, which is utilized at PHR Center For Electrolysis, Inc., yields a significant amount of hair that can be removed in one treatment session.  Theory shows that Terminal hairs need several treatments.  Some re-growth in the treated area will normally be experienced over a period of time.  However, with subsequent treatments, the hair will become finer in texture until the entire regeneration cycle has been permanently destroyed and hair growth ceases.   The time frame for completion will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Electrolysis targets only the hair that needs to be removed.  Permanent hair removal is accomplished by inserting a very fine, sterile probe into the natural opening of the hair follicle.  A small, measured amount of heat energy is applied to the base of the follicle and the hair is then gently removed.
The finest quality probes are used in our office
Frequency of Treatments

X X X X X X X X        X   X   X   X   X   X                X      X       X        X              X                 X             
Treatment schedule becomes spread out over time as hair growth decreases

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